About Sensei

The leading construction skills technical training college in Kenya.

We have a strong practical training emphasis and provide a perfect combination of theory and practical to suit different training levels. For those who want to pursue short construction skills courses or for those keen on construction engineering or mechanical diplomas, Sensei Institute of Technology provides the best training package. 

We are registered by Government of Kenya and have two campuses in Nakuru and Nairobi.

Check out our courses and contact us: 0717-951055 (Nairobi Campus) and 0707-964 600 (Nakuru Campus)


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Our Vision

Empowered and competent youth in technical skills, through a professional industry based practical training approach.

Our Objective

To develop a strong pool of skilled market ready trainees for the construction industry labour needs

Our Customer Value Proposition

We at Sensei Institute of Technology, will give you access to an industry based training program, professionally delivered,  that will not only equip you with practical skills, but also gives you the theory behind the skill.



 Sensei class


How we do it: Our Model

Practical approach to training
We invest heavily in equipment and tools to simulate a real life work environment and increase exposure of the trainees.

Professional Trainers
We adhere to high professional training standards. Our trainers have both industry specific training and pedagogic training.

Industry perspective
We expose our trainees to real projects in the industry, and get them mentored by industry practioners.

Curriculum development
We benchmark our training to best practices locally and internationally through continuous curriculum assessment. 

Strong management
We believe that successful institutions depend heavily on a strong management. At Sensei Institute of Technology, we have a friendly but firm culture of administration, ensuring that our trainees have a wonderful learning environment.

Sensei Students