Job Openings : We are Hiring!!!


Current Positions (as advertised on 17th December 2018)

1. Administrative assistant- Nakuru

Requirements: Diploma in Secretarial or Office Management

Experience: 5 years and above

2. Customer Service representatives- Nakuru

Requirements: Diploma in either of the following :Public relations, Communications, Secretarial, Business management 

Experience: Over 3 years 



Available Positions: (As advertised in September 2018)

1. Academic Programs Development Officer

2. Instructors

Please see details below


1. Academic Programs Development Officer

In charge of development and certification of new courses/ departments in the college. MUST have worked in a similar capacity previously. Preference will be given to diploma holders with an additional teacher training qualification


2. Instructors

Do you have a passion for training/ instructing? 

We are hiring Instructors in the following disciplines;

  1. Automotive technology
  2. Building construction
  3. Construction Plant Mechanics
  4.  ICT



- Posession of a respective Technical Diploma and a Teacher Training Certificate


Please send your responses via email to   ASAP








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