Our Courses

A. Artisan / Short Courses

Do you want to take your skills to the next level and earn some money from them? Why not go down the construction route? With talent and some practical training to get you ready for the industry, you will be sure to transform your future.
Choose from high quality training on all areas concerning construction. 


B. Practical boot camp
Are modern, techsavy construction student at degree or diploma level? Not seen enough practical construction projects yet! Would you like to kick start your CONSTRUCTION skills and experience the real world of construction?
This is your camp.

Welcome to our short intensive construction practice camp and have a great time of learning and fun with great trainers who have vast industry based experience.

C. Professional Skills Training Centre

Are you already in construction practise and feel unsure about some of the things you are expected to do? This is the training you need to attend.
Sometimes we all need a kickstart to remind ourselves, we can do what we've been trained for or improve on a skill. THIS IS IT!

Along with the technical skills, you will be trained on communication and soft skills necessarily for you to get those big jobs, retain your clientele and expand your networks.

Join our practical workshops offering attendees the chance to learn something new or improve existing skills while mingling with peers, forming new relationships and learning from professionals in the sector.

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