Now Is the Time!!! Get Yourself a job in the construction industry

Looking for a career (or second career) that you can count on (no more dead-end jobs). That pays well (no more working three jobs and still having to worry about finances and the time to spend with your family), that offers you a feeling of  accomplishment and  pride of knowing that “I  built that”. Well, you now now closer there.

The world over, some of the best hidden jobs are in construction. Particularly the hands on skilled jobs that many may look down upon. Think about that plumber who earns Kshs 5,000 for a job well finished in a day? or that foreman who supervises masons building a wall and earns Ksh 2,000 and above in a day? How many white collar jobs can pay salaries that high in our country?


That is the paradox of skills. Expert hands earn a very good living. Construction is about expert hands. It is about putting pieces together to put up buildings and objects that change the physical landscapes of the world. 


At Sensei Institute of Technology, we help you rethink your career aspirations. Get your hands to work and you will surely build a better future for yourself.


Come join us at Sensei Institute of Technology.

Cause it’s time, Your time!!