Working abroad pays well- Isac Masereka 's words to fellow Plant Operators

Isac Meseraka a Ugandan was inspired by Indians who were operators back in Qatar where he worked as a security guard. His then career as a guard has long working hours and poor working conditions as compared to the operators who worked for few hours with good conditions and were paid very well. 

Tell us about yourself...

I am a Ugandan, 28 years of age,well educated and have worked in different countries like Iraq with the Americans. 

You admired the Indian Operators and you are an Operator now. How has been the training exprerience?

I have trained in Driving School and Plant Operation in a duration of 2 months. My typical day at the institute resembles that of a working person. I wake up early, take breakfast (am a boarder) and head to class for my theory lesson. After a short break the rest of the day is spent in the field for my practicals on machine operation. After 5 pm i take a shower, take my supper play some in-house games and watch TV at the institutes hall.

Sensei is all over media... How did you get to know about us?

A long time Kenyan friend told me about Sensei which provides the best practical training in Plant Operation. He linked me up with the school.The good book records that "A good name is better than good ointment". Sensei has a good name out there.

 You have worked abroad.. share the experience

 Having worked in Qatar and Iraq,i have experiences to share. The best part about working abroad is that you can save money and invet at once. You get more ideas, learn more from people from different countries whom you work with and get more money than you. I also learnt to be honest, intelligent and respectful.

How does one get a job abroad?

Getting a job abroad is an easy thing. If you have a smart phone, dont waste your bundles on funny things invest in them wisely.Go to google and type the name of the country you would like e.g(Jobs in Qatar). Alternatively you can use registered employment companies such as TUSANO- a well known company in Kenya. Please note that you should only use companies that are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affais and be extra careful which company you are dealing with.

Your advice to fellow youths...

Success is only for those who choose to take risk so that they change their lives.

Have faith - there is nothing you will do without God's help. Success goes hand in hand with Prayers.

Have a vision - Admire those who are doing better in life than you and seek advise from them.

Respect everybody you find on your path in life- they may turn out to be your greatest help.

Never Give up and finally Have Faith that you will make it.