From Uganda In search for Plant Operator skills- Ayiella Emmanuel’s story


All the way from Uganda, Ayiella Emmanuel, is a student at Sensei Institute of Technology.  He chose to cross the border to Kenya in pursuit of a Plant Operator course. Ayiella who has specialized in six machines says the training will be of great importance to him when he finally goes back to his country.

 Ayiella reveals that he learnt about Sensei through his longtime friend who was once a student at Sensei. His friend informed him of the high quality of practical training given at the college and he decided to enroll there.  “My friend assured me that the college will create an impact through the skills, therefore, I have confidence in the training I am receiving from Sensei, I believe it will take me places”, he says as he looks forward to a great future.

Ayiella’s father was a plant operator; hence his son’s inspiration to follow in his steps and make a successful life out of it. His determination is great inspite of his environment and circumstance.

Unemployment being a key challenge around the globe, Mr Ayiella says with plant operator knowledge and experience, one cannot miss a place to make a living from, he confidently conveys:  “Infrastructural development is a continuous process, only urban centers are well developed but in remote areas the roads and modern houses have not been built and I believe that is where we have opportunities.”

In the meantime, Mr. Ayiella urged those who haven’t made a decision to join Sensei for such a rich training, to be quick in it as it is the best future one can brag about.