Goodnews to Motorbike Riders: Google Maps to Ease Transport


Google has launched Google maps for Boda boda riders. It will offer Motorbike Mode on Google Maps in Kenya. It will also include the voice navigation service for motorbike riders as they move around.

According to Google, the service will benefit over a million Kenyans who use boda bodas in move and transport goods from one place to another.

“With Google Maps’ new Motorbike Mode, users across Kenya will now be able to get directions and turn-by-turn navigation, to suggest routes that are more efficient,” it said.

This was initiated by the fact that most streets in the country’s cities and towns are often poorly signposted and frequently congested. This makes it difficult for boda boda riders to pick up customers when call them by phone.

It is indeed goodnews as the riders will easily navigate through the town conveniently and affordably using the safest routes possible.