Sensei Alumni Finds his Luck with a Chinese Company


Abdirahman Abdulahi is an Excavator Operator at Sinohydro Company in Garissa. He is a Sensei Alumni of August 2018 where he trained as a plant operator. Mr Abdirahman says through his commitment and patience he was able to rise ranks quickly.

Sinohydro Company is in charge of hydropower construction, responsible for hydropower stations in the country. It runs different businesses from water conservancy and hydropower construction as well as operation in almost all kinds of infrastructures such as power, transportation, civil work, mining and real estate.

Abdirahman takes a selfie with his Site boss Mr. Luis

                                               (Photo: Courtesy)

According to him, he embarked on job search as soon as he left Sensei with his certificate. “I did not want to waste time after getting the skills to change my future. I was lucky that I was invited for interview in one of the companies I had applied,” he noted.

Abdirahman was recruited as an operator directly without going through attachment. This is to his ability to successfully undergo all the tests given. He appreciates Sensei Institute for the practical quality training saying: “I did not go through attachment for more skills, it is the knowledge I got from Sensei that gave me this job. I salute the Instructors and management for their commitment to give the best.”