Plumbing And Drainage

Qualification: National ID
Duration: 2 months

Did you know that plumbers are some of the often searched for people? Plumbing jobs are highly rewarding. Very few people have the skills and qualifications required to be plumbers. 

Join Sensei Institute of Tehnology to gain a career in plumbing and earn a bright future.

The curriculum includes the basic theories of plumbing, soil waste and vents layout, household and industrial maintenance, sewage systems, and the use of hand and power tools. Students develop skills in all types of plumbing repair work used in residential, institutional, and commercial applications.

The likely career opportunities will be; Plumbing installation, industrial maintenance, public utilities service, machine work and shipbuilding industries.


Fee Structure: Kshs 65,000 for boarders and Kshs 51,000 for dayscholars. Payments can also be done monthly day scholars  Kshs 25,500 and Boarders Kshs 32,500.

Qualification: National ID.

Duration: 2 months full time practical

Intakes: Monthly the first week.

NB: This fee applies to Kenyan Citizens. Non citizen pay 20% extra on the fee charged.

Foreigners Fee Structure: 552 US Dollars for dayscholars and 720 US Dollars for boarders.



1. 2 Copies of your ID.

2. 4 Passport sized Photos.

3. Blankets,Bed sheets, Toileteries, Plate, Cup, Spoon, Bucket etc (We provide meals)

4. Fee deposit slip.


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