GOOD NEWS!!! Fee Reduction

Our aim has been to reach as many youths as possible and empower them with skills. Our institutes has decided reduce the fee charged on our Plant Operator Premium Course and Plant Mechanics.

Plant Operator Premium Course will entail training in six (6) machinery of your choice and the couse will be offered on full time practical basis in a duration of 2 months.The cost of the training will be Kshs 50,000 per month for dayscholars and Kshs 57,000 per month for boarders.

Plant Mechanics entails training in how to inspect, disgnose and repair hydraulics, engine systems, electrical systems and fuel systems of heavy machinery. The course will require you to have already trained in atleast 3 heavy amchineries and in possession of drivers license class BCE&I. The course will be offered on fulltime practical basis in a duration of six (6) months. The cost for dayscholars is Kshs 25,000 per month and Kshs 32,000 per month.